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Comic Con:knock knock
Me:who's there
Comic Con:not you lol

Would you like to stay for dinner? Would you like to stay forever?

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Look how far we’ve come!!

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Favourite Movies: Matilda (1996)

"Everyone is born, but not everyone is born the same. Some will grow to be butchers, or bakers, or candlestick makers. Some will only be really good at making Jell-O salad. One way or another, though, every human being is unique and special, for better or for worse."

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fun fact: if you tell someone to kill themselves it’s considered encouraging suicide and you can get a fine of $25,000 and 10+ years in prison. if they actually commit you can be charged with manslaughter. 

so really it’s in your best interest not to be a cunt.

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Me: omg babe keep it down you’re gonna wake my parents!

Computer: *huummmmmmmmmmmmmm*

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↳ spring collection- details (x)

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Henry VIII’s pendants in portraits by Hans Holbein the Younger

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"I suppose whenever you go through periods of transition, or in a way, it’s a very definite closing of a certain chapter of your life - I suppose those times are always going to be both very upsetting and also very exciting by the very nature because things are changing and you don’t know what’s going to happen."

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